Monday, December 20, 2004

Another Milestone for Poi Lam '89

Hi all,

How often do you keep in touch into someone you know 20 years ago?

Seldom, I presume. We all are busy from work and family commitments.

But I guess we the class of Poi Lam High School Class of '89 are fortunate people. Not only we keep in touch after all these years, we are so close that we often forgot time flied.

Someone got married, someone have newborns.

Thanks to Internet and emails, and thanks to DotComs like Onelist, e-Groups and eventually Yahoo Groups, we maintain close contacts even though we are in Malaysia, Singapore, US, Australia, UK, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, ... and I don't know where else ...

Of course the highlight of the year is the annual Chinese New Year Gathering (CNY) held at Ipoh. This is the only chance when we can meet face-to-face and feel the feelings of "yesterday once more". :)

I would like to present another platform for our class, to interact and to exchange ideas. This is called a Blog. It stands for Web Log, and it means an online diary. The nice thing about blog is that you do not have to learn techincal stuffs like FTP, HTML to post your ideas on the web. I hope using this platform, we can further enhance our interactivity, and present our thoughts on the web!

It can contains ideas, thoughts, photos and practically anything! If you want to join me in writing our stories on the web, let me know. I can add you as a editor to this Class Blog.

Let's come and join me to build the garden of memories for the class!

"Class of '89 - the best ever in Poi Lam, probably the world!"