Saturday, March 01, 2014

Danny New House at Puchong 2014

Yesterday night is Danny's open house for his new "mansion". It has an audio visual room, equipped with air-condition, 5.1 surround sound and a large LG 3D smart TV. Danny was so busy on that evening that he has not time to show me if the 5.1 audio is working.

The most interesting should be, the house is "solar powered". Danny installed a solar power system which cost about RM40k, but Danny get a very good discount price for the system. You can not directly use the power generated by the system.

The power generated will be "sold" back to Tenaga. The system may generated 11kw? power (value about RM20) per day. Basically Danny's electricity for the house will be free, but not included the initial price for the solar system. I was told it will take five years to cover back the cost for the solar system. The solar system has 7 years warranty.

Quite a lot of people came. We have good time with Madam Cheung.


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